We specialize in film: Storytelling is at our core. We are a vibrant crew of filmmakers, producers, directors, journalists, strategists and marketers who together form the creative powerhouse that is Storyfire.

We are Storyfire

Jan Scherman

Senior Advisor/Journalist

Malte Andreasson


Tobias Bringholm

Chief Creative Officer /Producer/Partner +46730499994 tobias@storyfire.se

Linnea Lindblad

Chief Commercial Officer +46 730387388 linnea.lindblad@storyfire.se

Anna Ericsson

Head of Production anna.ericsson@storyfire.se

Therese Bringholm


Johan Skog

Creative Director johan.skog@storyfire.se

Pelle Ohrgren

Producer pelle.ohrgren@storyfire.se

Sjöfn Blöndal

Producer sjofn.blondal@storyfire.se

Daniel Ottosson

Director/Producer daniel.ottosson@storyfire.se

Ulrik Medin

Producer ulrik.medin@storyfire.se

Christopher Lidbom

Senior Editor

Helen Hydmark

Accounting Manager

Svante Biörnstad

Sound Supervisor/Sound Engineer

Douglas Kaiser

Research douglas.kaiser@storyfire.se

Jenny Gourman Strid

Content Producer

Christofer Vibenius


Nisse Berglund


Mira von der Burg

Production manager

Robin Noring

Post-Production Supervisor

Izabel Tranebjer


Filippa Narding