The film “2060” was part of Moving Sweden, an initiative that aims to provide filmmakers with the opportunity to open new doors, seek new stories, push boundaries, challenge representation, and engage the audience with powerful narratives in new and exciting formats.

“2060” is a comedic, absurd, and beautiful love story, a sort of prison drama set in a future dystopia. It’s a film about realizing what is important in life before it’s too late.

The film was shot in Vilnius and starred Marie Göranzon, Pia Johansson, and Magnus Skogsberg. It was watched by over 260,000 viewers on SVT (Swedish Television) and has been screened at the Gothenburg and Stockholm film festivals, among others.

You can stream the film on Triart.se and Gazenet.tv. Written by Therese Bringholm and directed by Henrik Hellström.

Director Producer Script
Henrik Hellström Tobias Bringholm Therese Bringholm