Canal Digital

Brand Storytelling

We were looking for a character who could represent the mission – to meet the customer’s challenges in a lighthearted way. In the end, we chose Al Pitcher, a comedian who could make us look at Canal Digital from a different perspective than we normally do.

Canal Digital was looking for an agency that could regularly help create films/video content that Canal Digital could distribute through its own channels, primarily via Facebook. The content/subject of the films would be targeted towards Canal Digital’s subscribers and its own products, such as showcasing how satellite technology provides excellent picture quality or highlighting that thousands of hours of series and movies are included in the customer’s subscription.

We created the concept “The Swedish Syndrome,” where Al was tasked with not only checking out Canal Digital but also exploring Sweden, the Swedes, and our behaviors. Al Pitcher immediately jumped on board with the idea, and the rest is history.

Director Producer
Nils Janlert Andreas Segerfeldt