Dröm dig hem

Brand Storytelling

The mission was to create Hemnet’s new overarching communication concept that would work for both home buyers/sellers, those interested in housing, and real estate agents. The objective of the mission was firstly to activate the market position: Hemnet is the housing market. Secondly, to inspire more people to become interested in housing – Hemnet wanted to be a part of fulfilling the housing dream.

We chose to forgo traditional advertising channels and invested all resources into creating a reality series – “Dream Your Way Home” – about people buying or selling their homes, and the real estate agents facilitating the deals. Our starting point was that a real estate transaction is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. The story of our homes is therefore also the story of our lives. The series focused more on the human aspects of the transaction rather than the practical ones. It showcased dreams being fulfilled or sometimes falling apart.

We produced 80 episodes, each lasting five minutes, where each episode featured a complete story about a home being bought or sold and the work of the real estate agent. The program was presented as a collaboration with Hemnet but was a completely editorial product that could be organically distributed and viewed wherever the audience was, on their phones, computers, or tablets. We released five new episodes per week on Hemnet’s own platform, their YouTube channel – “Dream Your Way Home” – and on several newspaper platforms.

Some of the participants were influencers/celebrities, and through coverage in various magazines, over 100 articles were generated about the series.

In total, there were 6.5 million started streams.

The TV4 group then purchased the program, which was edited into 8 half-hour episodes and watched by 1.5 million people.

According to Nepa’s evaluation: “Despite the cautious branding, 25% of people associated ‘Dream Your Way Home’ with Hemnet. The program increased people’s interest in housing and improved their attitude towards Hemnet.”

Director Producer
Johan Skog Lia Cederström & Therese Bringholm