Brand Storytelling

A few years ago, Ford initiated a collaboration with adventurer and motivational speaker Aron Anderson. They reached out to us at Storyfire to create a film that showcased a clear connection between Ford’s brand and the tagline “Go Further” – and Aron Anderson. This film is the second production by Storyfire for Ford, featuring Aron Anderson at the forefront. Here, we captured Aron’s mental strength and how he prepares himself, piece by piece, to achieve his goals, together with Ford’s new launch, the Ford Explorer.

Since Aron Anderson is a living source of inspiration, we wanted to continue in the same spirit as the previous film. In a natural way, we aimed to connect Aron’s values and endeavors with Ford. We simply began the scriptwriting process with an in-depth interview with Aron, and the script was ultimately crafted from his own words. It soon became clear that no other voice could narrate Aron’s story with the same credibility, heart, and tone as he could himself. The visuals in the film reflect both what Aron does, feels – and most importantly, how he uses the Ford car. Faith and dignity in a great mix, plain and simple.

Results from the first film:

  • 497,682 views (in 4 months)
  • 1,412,399 impressions
  • 981,497 minutes of viewing time = 97.37 days = 1.87 years
  • View rate: 60%
Nils Janlert