Brand Storytelling

When streaming was made freely available in EU countries in 2017, it was important for operators to gain market share. In the fierce competition, it was therefore extremely important for the client, 3, to stand out and make an impact.

Advertising agency Ingo developed an enormous campaign in multiple stages in collaboration with bestselling author Jens Lapidus. The concept was for Lapidus to specially write a short story exclusively for 3, based on his latest book, Top Dogg.

In the climax of the campaign, we got to experience a reading of the final chapter, which was livestreamed on Facebook. This streaming took place from a rooftop in Mallorca, where the story had taken us. At Storyfire, we produced the commercials, digital outdoor billboards, and the livestreaming on Facebook.

Director Producer
Johan Skog Pelle Ohrgren